Good Apple Equine Consignment offers a wide variety of bits in all shapes and sizes.  Please call us on 352.789.6544 if you are unsure as to what kind of bit your horse needs and we will do our best to offer our experienced help and guidance.  You can order our bits online or via the store by phone.  We also have a ‘wish list’ service if we do not have the exact bit in stock you require.  Again, call 352.789.6544.

We stock:  Myler, Toklat, Stübben, Schockemohle, Neue Schule, Herm Sprenger, Eldonian, Robart, custom-made, Shuttleworth, and many other brands of bit.

To sort by style, click on the cheek piece you are looking for, or you can scroll through our entire collection of bits at the bottom of the page.

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