As the Spanish and Iberian horse is becoming more and more popular in the United States and in fact worldwide, it is commonly acknowledged that they – more often than not – have shorter backs, wider rib cages and very well developed shoulders.  Most Baroque saddles originated in design from the bull-fighting horse, whose rider needed to be well-planted in the saddle and be able to move around in the blink of an eye.  Baroque saddles are also perfect for dressage horses – at all levels.  Note the European Academies (Spanish Riding School, Cardre Noir, Portuguese Academy of Equestrian Art, etc.) adopt this style of saddle as it is most comfortable for both horse and rider.  It is usually constructed differently to the English dressage saddle.  The Iberian horse has a decidedly different conformation than the Warmblood or Thoroughbred, and actually these saddles are especially suitable for gaited horses and are very versatile for many disciplines as well as dressage.

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