Show Apparel

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Complementary Colors

Unlike English competitions, riders in Western competitions can wear different colors. Here are some guidelines for choosing colors that will be most flattering to your horse’s coat color.

  • Black, white, blue roan, silver gray and bay horses: wear bright jewel tones such as royal blue, purple, red, emerald, teal, forest green or turquoise.
  • Chestnut, liver chestnut, sorrel and dun horses: Wear earth tones, such as browns, golds and tans, or cool jewel tones such as emerald, teal, forest green or turquoise.
  • Buckskin and palomino horses: Any color looks good agains these horses’ warm neutral coats.
  • Black looks good with any horse color and will project a dignified image.
Information taken from Storey’s Horse-Lover’s Encyclopedia: An English & Western A-to-Z Guide. Edited by Deborah Burns. Published 2001