Western Apparel

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Western Competitive Attire

Western competitive events, both for amateurs and professionals, borrow from ranch work. The events include cutting, calf roping, pole bending, team penning, obstacles courses and mounted shooting. Western pleasure classes assess the horse as a comfortable animal to take out for long trail rides or camping excursions. Slightly different attire is used for all of these events, but all apparel has a Western flavor. These days, some Western hats also have helmets in the crown.

Attire Guidelines

The rider will have various levels of attire for different events in which he or she participates. Male riders generally wear a string tie with a shirt; they may wear a vest, but usually jackets of any sort are not worn to show. Women may wear bow ties, string ties or rosettes at the closed collar of their show shirts. Some events call for jeans and Western boots; others call for chaps over jeans with shorter boots.

Gloves are not necessary, except in roping events where hand protection is desired. Boots, of course, are Western style, and they are chosen to complement the rest of the outfit. For hacking and schooling, riders may wear jeans, chaps, and short boots or they may wear jeans and Western boots, depending on their preference and what they are working on. Check rules of the competition.

Information taken from Storey’s Horse-Lover’s Encyclopedia: An English & Western A-to-Z Guide. Edited by Deborah Burns. Published 2001