Spirig Anatomical Western Cinch Soft Leather Non-Slip, Leather



Make: Spirig Saddlery USA Llc
Model: Anatomical
Type: Western  Cinch
Condition: New Condition
Size: 24ins, 26ins, 28ins, 30ins
Shape:  Anatomical
Buckle Type:                     Western D-Ring
Cinch Main Material:  Leather
Color:  Brown, Natural or Tan Brown Topside, Dark Brown Underside
Notes/Marks: Patented Design – Non-slip, Prevents Chafes and Sores
Fittings: Elasticated and Non-Elasticated
Features: Helps prevent saddle slippage and chafes and sores
These gorgeous soft leather Western cinches have been patented by Spirig Saddlery USA Llc.  In premium quality soft and pliable leather, these cinches have been designed to achieve the best possible comfort for the horse by discouraging the saddle to shift and move whilst in action, even during high-activity events.  (See invention patent summary below).


This invention relates to saddle girths for horses, and more particularly to a novel saddle girth that inhibits the saddle from shifting preventing chafing and sores, providing more comfort for the horse and a more stable seat for the rider.


The present invention is uniquely shaped saddle girth. An object of this invention is to provide a unique saddle girth that has been found to stabilize the saddle on the horse’s back, even during rapid action events. The novel girth employs a unique shape and angled ends to provide a superior fit around the horse’s torso. The novel girth also uses a combination of an inelastic layer interior to the girth strap with elastic connector straps to provide a snug fit while allowing greater comfort for the animal. Keepers retain the girth straps when attached to the saddle. These keepers can, for example, be in the form of sleeves as illustrated in one embodiment herein.
Another object of the invention is to securely hold the saddle on the back of the horse and prevent it from shifting during riding. The saddle girth will accomplish this by being able to be used with traditional western or dressage saddles in a manner familiar to equestrians.
Yet another object of the invention is for the saddle girth to retain its position around the torso of the horse so that it does not allow shifting or movement that will call chafing or sores.
Yet another objective of the invention is to provide increased stability for the rider resulting in greater comfort and confidence.
Previous saddle girths have employed straight sections in an attempt to overcome the shifting and movement of the saddle girth. These saddle girths typically slide forward towards the horse’s forelegs causing the saddle to slide longitudinally along the back of the horse. This movement can result in irritation of the horse’s ribcage and skin along the chest and torso. The instant invention overcomes these problems and disadvantages by curving the lines of the forward and rearward edges of the girth band to conform to the horse’s torso and then angling the distal ends towards the rear of the horse thereby minimizing girth and saddle movement.