Show Us Your Horse Photographs!

Whenever people who are looking for their next saddle come into the store, we always love to see photos of their horses. Not just to be nosey, (well, we are a little bit! 🙂  ), but, actually this is very useful for us, because we can gather a lot more accurate information on the horse’s size, shape, conformation, breed, etc.  This can help us to help you find your perfect next saddle.

The beauty of choosing Good Apple Equine Consignment as the saddle store of choice, is that we are completely independent of any particular brand, and have learned over the years, which saddles tend to fit which type of horses and riders.  We are very happy to share information and have several methods of helping customers obtain accurate measurements of their horses.  We also have an awesome FREE SADDLE TRIAL POLICY for everyone – even if you live a distance from the store.

Photographically, these are the views we need to see of your horse:


It is important to have the horse standing square and on level ground, as well as to see the horse from both sides, as they are not always symmetrical.  The view from rear to front is incredibly informative, as this shows symmetry, (or lack of),  gives an indication of the width of spine, how the ribs are ‘sprung’ from the ribcage and the musculature along the back.

horse_306_airlie_1 horse with saddle

This equally applies to both English and Western riding disciplines. And we would like also to see your current saddle on your horse.

Below is a very clear and informative video (courtesy: Out West Saddlery found on YouTube), who shows just how to make a paper tracing of your horse’s back.


courtesy:  Out West Saddlery.

Good Apple Equine Consignment staff are very knowledgeable on saddle brands and their features and benefits and can give guidance on how to fit saddles.  However, we always welcome contributions from recognized saddle fitters and we work with several in Florida who are happy to work with our customers to ensure happy customers and happy horses.

For further information, please contact:

Debbie Hattan, BHSII, email:

Georgia Hattan-Bennett Acosta, BHSAI, email:

We can refer a saddle fitter to visit your barn at your earliest convenience, if you would like.  We also can ship saddles all over the US (most States), so you can still take full advantage of a FREE SADDLE TRIAL (excluding the shipping of course),