WoW Dressage Saddle, Size 2 With Flair Panel System, Modular & Adjustable - 4357-5


Make: WoW
Model: Custom with Flair Panel System & Traditional Saddle Flaps
Type: Dressage
Condition: Nearly New, Gently Used Condition
Seat: Size 2 (actually measures as a 17ins, but sits as an 18ins)
Width: Adjustable
Flap Length:                      18ins
Material:  Leather
Stamp:  #C17665
Accessories: Comes with brand new WoW saddle pad and stirrup leathers, as shown
Blemishes/Notes: Normal
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*All measurements provided have either been taken directly from saddle stamps, or are approximate measurements taken by experienced Good Apple Equine Consignment staff.  This information is provided as a courtesy to our customers, and is not a guarantee of size or fit as each individual saddle differs from the next (including those of the same brand and model).

WOW™ is the world’s first modular saddle.  WOW™ makes it possible for the first time to own a traditional-looking saddle and then buy different components to alter any or all of its characteristics to fit different horses, riders and disciplines.

“The WOW™ saddle is the culmination of over a decade of research & development, where every problematic aspect of traditional saddle fitting has been addressed and redesigned to make sure the saddle maximizes the horse’s comfort and performance. Our investment in the most advanced pressure testing equipment and using it on our saddles and those of rival manufacturers means we are confident that you will not find a saddle that will give you better results than WOW™.

For instance, pressure from stirrup bars and points of the tree are a thing of the past. The bearing surface has been maximized to the point where no saddle, even a western saddle, will come close to the area of continuous bearing surface of a WOW™.  The gullet width achieved by some of our panel designs is extraordinary to ensure not only spinal clearance but to allow room for the shoulder and top line muscles to work correctly.  WOW™ is proven awesome under pressure.  Your horse will feel better, look better and perform better in a WOW™

Our factory nestles in a valley in the heart of the Kent countryside in England.  The company has its own string of horses for testing and improving our products as well as being used on our training courses with saddlers and the public. When a client needs a more custom service, they can use our facilities, for an on-the-spot service where things can be tried, tested and modified before final production. This is the ultimate in our custom service.

Everything we make is computer-designed and machine cut for accuracy and repeatability.  Every piece of the saddle is made in-house to our own designs.
Added to this, we offer you the possibility to make your own saddle totally unique by giving you the freedom to choose colors and finishes of the leather we use for the individual pieces that make the parts of your saddle.  Not only is your WOW saddle totally changeable as your horse progresses through its training but totally unique to you and the marketplace.”

This particular saddle has the traditional-looking dressage flap with a substantial fixed block located under a soft padded knee roll.   The main flap is made from very flexible, heavily oiled butt leather. Ideal for those that want a solid leg position when riding an extravagantly moving horse.


Flair is Air Flocking. Yes, the panels of the saddle are filled with air! And, yes it is proven by pressure testing to be the best thing you can do for the comfort of your horse!  Flair is a system of four airbags that provide a soft, flexible and even bearing surface without pressure points.  Unlike a flocked saddle, the adjustments are quickly made whilst the rider sits on the horse. You or your saddler can adjust and balance the saddle perfectly both front to back and side to side even if the horse has uneven muscle development.  Flair airbags do not need further adjustment unless your horse changes shape, when it only takes a
few minutes to alter again.





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