Wintec All Purpose Saddle, 17ins / Adjustable with Cair System - 5179-28


Make: Wintec
Model: With Cair System
Type: All Purpose Saddle
Condition: Good Used Condition
Seat: 17ins
Width: Adjustable – currently Medium
Flap Length:                      13.75ins
Material:  All Synthetic
Stamp:  #None
Blemishes/Notes: Normal
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*All measurements provided have either been taken directly from saddle stamps, or are approximate measurements taken by experienced Good Apple Equine Consignment staff.  This information is provided as a courtesy to our customers, and is not a guarantee of size or fit as each individual saddle differs from the next (including those of the same brand and model).

Unbeatable comfort and support for riders who want to do a little bit of everything! You will ride comfortably in the Wintec All Purpose saddle.   Your leg will easily find a natural groove and your contact and communication will become effortless.  Your horse will enjoy the super-soft panels which mold in and around their muscles, hugging their unique conformation whether training or competing in any discipline.

Cair Panel System for better performance and freer movement of the horse

Easy-Change Gullet System allows the saddle to be fitted to suit the horse’s changing shape, or to fit different horses.


The CAIR® Cushion System replaces traditional fillings in your saddle with air cushions. CAIR® air cushion technology provides significant performance advantages in the way it distributes the rider’s weight and cushions the horse’s back.  Distributes the rider’s weight: Under the rider’s weight the air cushions continually mold to mirror the horse’s individual conformation and working muscles. This ensures a close, even contact over a much larger weight-bearing area and eliminates instances of pressure points.  Cushioning the horse’s back: The dynamic nature of air ensures it works in synergy with the horse’s muscles, rather than the horse’s muscles working against a static medium. Additionally, air provides the ultimate shock absorption, reducing instances of trauma to the horse’s muscles in work.  Your horse will show a marked improvement in its freedom of movement, expression and self-carriage, as the CAIR® Cushion ensures its absolute comfort.






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