Tack Butter® Peppermint Natural Leather Cleaner & Conditioner – and Leather Wash


TACK BUTTER® is a natural leather conditioner & cleaner made with avocado oil, beeswax and peppermint.  It’s soft, smooth goodness soaks right into the leather and it’s also skin safe. It makes tack cleaning fun and healthy.

TACK BUTTER®  was developed with the help of Olympic Groom –  Emma Ford. Emma cleans and cares for an enormous amount of tack daily, so she was the best person for the task.

With every sale, Tack Butter donates to the recovery of equestrian Lee Lee Jones.

Good Apple Equine Consignment uses Tack Butter® products every day!

Tack Butter® All Natural Leather Conditioner & Cleaner is available in 2 sizes: 7 ounce Tub and 15 ounce Tub

Tack Butter® Natural Leather Wash is available in 2 sizes: 10 fluid ounce with spray bottle and a 20 fluid ounce Refill Pouch for the spray bottle.