Soft-Ride Deep Gel Ice Boot (Single) Ref: 4406-5


Make: Soft-Ride
Model: Deep Gel Ice Boot
Type: Right or Left
Condition:  Excellent Used Condition
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In excellent, gently used condition, this is a single Soft-Ride deep gel ice boot.  (One pair available – see 4406-6 for the other boot).  The Ice Spa Pro

The Ice Spa Pro lets you treat your horse like a professional athlete by making it easy to immerse the hoof and leg in an ice bath, reducing recovery time after a workout or performance. It’s also perfect when following prolonged icing protocols to treat hoof diseases such as laminitis and sepsis.

The Ice Spa Pro features an innovative gel wrap that makes it easier to attach the Ice Spa to your horse’s leg, and both can be easily attached to an air compressor to provide a portable, soothing spa treatment for your horse.

Ice Therapy Made Easy

Hoof issues such as laminitis and navicular disease can make a healthy horse lame and may be fatal. Fortunately, veterinarians and owners have discovered the healing power of cold therapy to help reduce the pain and inflammation that’s often associated with these common horse hoof issues.

In severe laminitis cases, medical protocol may call for up to 72 hours of continuous icing of the affected foot. Before the Soft-Ride Ice Spa, the industry standard for icing was a bucket or old IV bag, both of which were sloppy solutions to a slippery situation.

The Ice Spa offers an easy and convenient way to immerse a horse’s lower legs in an ice bath while still allowing him mobility which eliminates the “trapped” feeling and decreases stress for your horse. The ability to move around in his stall makes prolonged icing sessions easier for your horse and you.

When it comes to your horse’s health, always consult your local practitioner to ensure that your horse is getting the best care possible. And if that care includes icing in an ice bath – for either short or prolonged periods-, the Soft-Ride Ice Spa is the solution.


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Soft-Ride Deep Gel Ice Boot 17ins (Single)
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