NEW Paso Spoon Interchangable Mouthpiece 4.5ins Ref: 2156-312

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Size: 4.5 ins

Diameter: 19 mm

NOTE: This is the mouthpiece only, not a complete bit.

Spoon and Rollers

This is a one-piece, straight mouthpiece with a central spoon projected upwards and rollers on both sides of the spoon. The size of the spoon is from 1-1.5″ wide and 1.5-3″ high, which keeps the horse’s tongue under the mouthpiece. The rollers made of steel or copper, provide softness because of their rotation in the horse’s mouth. Some spoons have from one to three bead rollers made of steel or copper for the horse to play with, using its tongue. A complete single roller on each side of the spoon (known as “barrel roller”) is softer and more “comfortable” for the horse’s mouth than a series fo bead rollers, which are more severe.

When attached to small shanks, this kind of mouthpiece may be used for young horses during the bitting training period as part of the third curb bit. This type of mouthpiece commonly is used for more advanced horses during the collection and finishing training periods, when attached to regular size shanks.

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Paso Curb Bit

Paso curb bits that are handmade in Columbia, South America, are the most common bits used worldwide to ride Paso Fino horses (and the Columbian diagonal Paso horse breeds). The Paso curb bit is a special kind of bit that evolved from those brought to America by the Spanish Conquistadors during the 15th century. The main difference between the Paso curb bit and the other curbs is the presence of some joints that reduce the bit’s severity.

Information from Science and Art of the Paso Fino Horse by Diego Bravo.