NEW! DP Saddlery 1214 FlexFit Quantum Short & Light All Around Western Saddle, Size 3* Completely Adjustable Width - 5212-18


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About this Saddle

Make: DP Saddlery
Model: FF1214 FlexFit Quantum Short & Light
Type: Western All Around
Condition:  New, With Tags
Seat: Size 3 (see sizing below)
Width: Fully Adjustable See FlexFit Notes below
Skirt Length:                      23ins
Material:  Leather
Stamp:  #5094   S3
Notes/Marks: Normal
Trial:  This Saddle is Eligible for a FREE 5-DAY SADDLE TRIALClick this link to order your saddle trial today!
SPECIAL ORDER OPTION: For DP Saddles only, we are able to order ‘custom’ saddles for you.  Example:  you trial a Bolero Seat Size 17.5 and require a larger or smaller size/color/tooling.  We can order this for you.  Please call us on 352.789.6544 and we will go through all of the options with you.  
The following features include all variations of this saddle.  The specific specification of this actual saddle is as above.


Tree:                                  Ultra-Flex-tree
Gullet:                               completely adjustable gullet width
Seat size:                          S1, S2, S3
Saddle leather:                Natural, Chestnut, HB2, Havanna, African, Black

Seat leather:

  • Nappa or Nubuck – colors: sand, cognac, brown, black
  • Aspen – colors: tobacco, rattan, blackberry, black
  • Special colors available (upcharge applies)

Hardware:                      Brass, Stainless Steel
Tooling:                          Upcharge applies (see our information page for available tooling options)
Length of Fenders:       approximately 22.5”, 27”, 31”
Stirrups:                          Rawhide, Wooden Visalia Stirrups (upcharge applies)
Weight:                            approximately 19 lbs.
Saddle length:                approximately 21 inches
Skirt length:                   approximately 12 inches
Special:                            Fender glide protection

“The DP Quantum Short & Light is an extra short and light saddle, built on our fabulous Ultra-Flex tree with fully adjustable gullet width from narrow to extra wide. It features wool flocked panels for extra comfort and weight distribution. With a softly padded seat, our Quantum Short & Light is fabulous for those seeking comfort for their horse and themselves. Ideal for long trail rides and endurance riders.”


Additionally, you can find our Flex-Fit Tree with fully adjustable fork in our Flex-Fit Western Saddle Line. This tree is a semi-flexible, high quality carbon fiber tree, that provides maximum stability along the spine, yet enough flexibility on the bars to allow your horse to bend. Along with the most innovative system available, our Allen wrench system, which allows you to change the width of the fork as wide or narrow as needed. Not recommended for roping.


These are the seat size equivalents to English and Western, (measured on the bare tree prior to being built).

S1  ≈ 16.5″  (compare to 15″ Western or 16.5″ English)
S2 ≈ 17.5″  (compare to 16″ Western or 17.5″ English)
S3 ≈ 18″     (compare to 17″ Western or 18.5″ English)


S4 ≈ 19″     (compare to 18″ Western or 19.5″ English) and is not available on all models.  Upcharge also applies.

Please note, that the finished seat size depends on the model and can vary slightly between different models.  The seat size also depends on the type of gallery (front and back) you are choosing.   When in doubt, contact us to get the opportunity to sit in one of our saddles first before ordering.




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