Horze Supreme Brushing Boots, Blue, Small NWT Ref: 3614-26


Color: Blue

Size: Small


  • Supportive brushing boots
  • Athletic style
  • Soft neoprene lining allows maximum airflow
  • Jersey cover for maximum airflow
  • Quick drying

Technical description:

  • 1/3 in (8 mm) neoprene with polyester jersey lining and cover. Sold in pairs.



Made with neoprene for support and quick drying comfort. The style is sporty yet provides optimum protection.

Soft, 1/3 in thick neoprene lining with a completely breathable jersey covering allows for ultimate airflow and quick drying comfort in these sporty brushing boots. They will protect your horse in athletic style.

Washing instructions:

Rinse to wash. Air dry.