Herm Sprenger Weymouth Swivel Bit With Revolving Cheeks, 5.25ins Ref: 4168-28

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Size: 5.25 ins
Diameter: 27 mm

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Very useful and sophisticated Herm Sprenger weymouth bit with revolving cheeks.  Width of bit is 5.25ins.  The Herm Sprenger® HO Weymouth Swivel Cheek lets the ported mouthpiece with a low port work independently from the shanks.  Believed to be Aurigan* metal.

  • mouthpiece and cheeks work independently from each other
  • allows poll pressure without increasing the pressure on the tongue
  • no tilting through single-sided rein aids
  • slanting mouthpiece with a rounded port
  • supports a fine and delicate communication

Aurigan is a copper alloy made of 85% copper, 4% silicon, and 11% zinc. … One advantage it has over other copper alloys such as German silver is that it is nickel-free; some horses have been known to have a nickel allergy which appears as pimples in the mouth

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Herm Sprenger
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Herm Sprenger Weymouth Swivel Bit With Revolving Cheeks
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