Flex-on GC2 (Green Composite) Stirrups – Navy & Gray – 6240-58


Make: Flex-on
Stirrup Type: GC2 Green Composite
Stirrup Foot Plate Size 4.5ins
Metal / Materials: Composite Materials
Condition : Excellent, Gently Used Condition
Blemishes/Notes: Navy & Gray

GC2 stirrups combine comfort, personalization and performance. They helps to provide stability to the leg and enables perfect positioning of the rider as well as ensuring an improvement in technical performance thanks to its ergonomics and shock-absorption system.



Flex-on stirrups system uses elastomer shock absorbers with a wide foot bed, which cushions the shock-waves from the horse’s movement, helping the rider’s stability and reducing joint stress across all the equestrian disciplines.  This technology maximizes comfort and preserves the rider’s position and physique.  The shock absorption reduces muscle work and chronic pain (adductors, ankles, knees, back).  This technology was demonstrated by bio-mechanical studies carried out by an independent sport laboratory.


The stirrup frame has an offset, skewed slot for the stirrup leather, giving the rider optimum contact with the horse, while the variety of angled foot beds help to achieve a correct leg position in any discipline.  The instant the rider puts on the stirrups, they position themselves perfectly which leads to an immediate connection to the horse.  As a result, the stirrup is found more easily and the angle of the foot bed reduces strain on the joints and muscles in the ankles.


The dimensions of the Flex-on stirrup enables to achieve a perfect alignment for an optimal position of the rider (shoulders-hips-heels). The angle of its inclined foot bed promotes a natural descent of the heel.
NB: The flat foot bed would be recommended for a rider with hyperlaxed ankles.

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