DP Saddlery Avante Adjustable Dressage Saddle, 17.5ins, Brown Leather – 5602-2


Make: DP Saddlery
Model: Avante
Type: Dressage Saddle
Condition: Excellent Gently Used Condition
Seat: 17.5ins
Width: Fully Adjustable (See Below)
Flap Length:                      16.5ins
Material:  Leather
Stamp:  #US 3545 S2
Blemishes/Notes: Normal
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*All measurements provided have either been taken directly from saddle stamps, or are approximate measurements taken by experienced Good Apple Equine Consignment staff.  This information is provided as a courtesy to our customers, and is not a guarantee of size or fit as each individual saddle differs from the next (including those of the same brand and model).


We are pleased to offer DP Saddlery’s Baroque, English and Western saddles made to your own specification within the options available! 

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The Avante is an adjustable, competition legal, Dressage saddle by Deuber & Partner. (DP Saddlery).   Already proven as a popular saddle for Classical, Competitive and dressage training,  it is equally comfortable for trail riding and pleasure riding.


Designed to enhance horse comfort, with soft, anatomically wool-flocked panels which can be adjusted to the horse’s shape, special panel design for better loin clearance.  Also featured is the amazing adjustable gullet system which DP Saddlery is famous for.  Especially suitable for shorter backed horses.


For the comfort and correct positioning of the rider, the Avante certainly has the rider’s security and comfort in mind – as it features a deep and secure seat without being restrictive by design.  Velcro knee rolls can be adapted to the rider’s leg position, which, of course is an essential to accommodate all shapes and sizes of riders.


The design of this lovely saddle is both sophisticated and traditional, whilst still retaining a highly functional profile.  Great care has gone into the design of this saddle and – as if this was not enough, – new saddles can be customized to your preference*.


“A quaint little saddlery, in the middle of Southern Bavaria, Germany, is where it all began. From the very beginning, the company’s outstanding values ​​are lived and passed on.  Enthusiasm for the natural product leather has been capturing our positive development for more than 20 years. This is what our success builds on”.   DP Saddlery LP are renowned for their stunning Baroque, English and Western saddles which are sold throughout Europe, the USA, Canada and far beyond.  Enthusiasm for the natural product leather has been capturing their positive development for more than 20 years. This is what  their success builds on.

DP Saddlery’s Adjustable Gullet System

DP Saddlery’s adjustable gullet system is revolutionary in its ability to allow a rider to change the tree width by a fraction of an inch with just a twist of an Allen wrench, from extra narrow to extra wide or anything in between. The Allen wrench is inserted into a discreet slot located on the side of the pommel. No additional tools and no strength are required to make the change. Adjustments are so quick and easy that they can be done while the saddle sits on a horse’s back to achieve a precise fit.

The system is also durable enough so that one saddle can be adjusted for use on multiple horses throughout the day—perfect for riders with multiple horses. We offer our adjustable gullet system on most of our saddles, to include Western saddles (Flex Fit Line), Baroque and English. Trust in the original inventors of the adjustable gullet system and know, that our system has been on the market for 15+ years and is absolutely technically advanced.   Rely on our German Engineering and experience and know that you’re getting the best quality product you can find.









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