Verhan Odyssey Dressage Saddle, 17.5ins Medium Ref: 803-1


Make: Verhan
Model:  Odyssey
Type:  Dressage
Condition:  Good Used Condition
Seat:  17.5ins
Width:  Medium (5ins)
Flap Length:  17ins
Material:  Leather
Stamp: 0508131329175
Blemishes:  Normal
Trial:  Available For Trial

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Nice, well maintained used Verhan Odyssey dressage saddle with 17.5ins seat and medium width fitting.  Made in 2013.  Measures 5ins across the gullet from button to button.  This is not the Free Shoulder style.  Buffalo leather on the sweat flaps.

The Verhan Odyssey is a  favorite for the competitive rider because its forward balance, deep seat with elegant reduced cantle, and unique hidden thigh block that holds the leg without turning the knee out. The Odyssey encourages a long, straight classical leg position. Available in a medium-large block. This saddle features front point and back straight billets, D-rings for attachments, and a nice 5-finger wide channel throughout. 1/2 integrated panels.