Verhan Maximus Free Shoulder Dressage Saddle, 17ins Ref: 2323-2

$3,200.00 $2,800.00

Make: Verhan
Model:  Maximus Free Shoulder Dressage Saddle
Type:  Dressage
Condition:  New
Seat:  17ins
Width:  Medium
Flap Length:  15.75ins
Material:  Leather
Stamp:  571581112132817
Blemishes: None
Fittings:  n/a
Trial:  Available For Trial


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This is a brand new saddle available direct from the maker of Verhan saddles.  He developed this  new design which evolved with the “FreeShoulder” concept.  It features a relaxed, very deep seat and large comfort soft thigh blocks for rider security and ease. Designed specifically for the rider who want the option to ride with, or change leg position adjusting to horse or conditions. You’ll need this with the Free Shoulder fit when you unleash your horse’s potential. Integrated panel design with pockets for easy service allows close rider leg contact with excellent fit for the horse. Exclusively with our patent pending “FreeShoulder™” fit with its revolutionary ergonomic design for remarkable freedom of movement in the horse and connection between the horse and rider.