Son Son Paso Rubber Bar Bit 4.75ins Ref: 116-9


Size: 4.75 ins

Rubber Bar

This is a slightly curved piece of steel that is covered by the same length of rubber hose. The rubber cover makes this type of mouthpiece relatively soft for the horse’s mouth. Thus, rubber bars commonly are used with young horses, as part of the second curb bit during the bitting training period, when the horse needs to be worked in a more rigid mouthpiece. The diameter of the rubber bar is from 3/4″ to 7/8″.

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Paso Curb Bit

Paso curb bits that are handmade in Columbia, South America, are the most common bits used worldwide to ride Paso Fino horses (and the Columbian diagonal Paso horse breeds). The Paso curb bit is a special kind of bit that evolved from those brought to America by the Spanish Conquistadors during the 15th century. The main difference between the Paso curb bit and the other curbs is the presence of some joints that reduce the bit’s severity.

Information from Science and Art of the Paso Fino Horse by Diego Bravo.