Rare: Practical Treatise on the Breaking & Training of Wild & Vicious Horses, Prof. Norton B. Smith Ref: 3257-242


Printed circa 1892, this is RARE antiquarian book in excellent condition called The Practical Treatise on the Breaking & Training of Wild & Vicious Horses by Professor Norton B. Smith,  who hails himself as “The Emperor of All Horse Educators”.  A fabulous find!

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Absolutely riveting antiquarian book printed in Netherfield, Nottingham, England, printed circa 1892.  The author, Professor Norton B. Smith hails himself as the “Emperor of all Horse Educators” under the direction of his co-partner and manager, Nat Behrens.  It has some incredible ‘remedies’ for various issues such as How To Get A Horse Up When He Throws Himself; To Break A Bad Jibber, etc.  Professor Smith ‘designed’ his own tools such as bits and tack.  He carried out his work ostensibly all over the world, including Europe and the USA.  This is a precious volume, which will only increase in value if kept in ideal conditions.  Very rare.

Printed circa 1892. Sounds like he may have been one of the original ‘natural horsemen’, as in his introduction he states, “I have handled over eight thousand of the most vicious kickers, jibbers, strikers, plungers, biters, bolters, shiers and horses possessing all other vicious habits known, but I have yet to find the horse I could not by my methods conquer, subdue and make docile in a short time”. He is quite modest with it too!
Book is in good condition for its age: the cover is faded and worn, but it is very flimsy, so has stood up well to the test of time.