Prestige Meredith Close Contact Saddle 18ins Medium Ref: 2166-1

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Make:  Prestige
Model:  Meredith
Type:  Close Contact Saddle
Condition:  Excellent Used Condition
Seat:  18ins
Width:  Medium (measured 4.5ins)
Flap Length:                       13ins
Material:  Leather
Stamp:  1110609 C 3 A
Blemishes: Normal
Trial:  This Saddle is Eligible for a FREE 5-DAY SADDLE TRIAL.

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This lovely, gently used jump saddle is designed and built with the cooperation and suggestions of Meredith Michaels Beerbaum – an American-born German equestrian who competes at the international level in show jumping. The design places the saddle in the perfect position on the horse’s back, allowing maximum movement and comfort for the horse’s back and withers.

The tree shape is designed so that riders sit comfortably without feeling as if it is too wide or narrow. This allows riders maximum contact to the horse throughout the total length of their thigh, all the way down to the knee.  The billets are positioned to allow the rider to close their leg without feeling the billets, further allowing close contact to the horse during jumping and flat work.

The M.M.B. saddle has medium sized rear blocks that are placed a bit further back than normal. These blocks will give you additional support and stability in critical situations without interfering with normal riding or jumping situations.

The front knee pads are ergonomically designed, and are treated to become more pliable with heat and friction. As you ride, your knees will fit more perfectly into the blocks. The panels are thin and wide, maximizing comfort and movement for the horse’s back.

The Premium Line: These saddles stand out because of the type of leather used. Obtained from animals that graze freely during rearing, this leather undergoes natural tanning and is processed to the highest standards, in the tradition of Prestige’s products. The saddles are lined in smooth or printed leather and combine a suppleness characteristic of calfskin with toughness typical of leather. The leather on the flaps is 3.3 mm thick.

Prestige saddle trees can be adjusted up or down by 2cms by certain authorized Prestige dealers. We can adjust a tree up or down by 2cm.

Note about tree sizes: The following is Good Apple’s opinion: Prestige saddles are available in 3 seat sizes. The 16ins fits like a 17ins. The 17ins fits like a 17.5ins and is by far the most common size. The 18ins fits like an 18ins.  For tree sizes, 33cm and 34cm are considered ‘medium’.   For a saddle that will be used on a variety of horses, 34cms seems to fit most horses very well. 32cms is for a horse with withers and a medium to narrow back. It will fit the typical TB type horse well. 35cm is considered ‘wide’. 36cm and 37cm are ‘extra wide’.

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