Myler Level 2 3-Ring Combo Bit 5.75ins Ref: 2375-67

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Size: 5.75 ins

Diameter: 15 mm

A versatile combination bit that can be used for for starting young horses, retraining older horses, jumping, or schooling dressage, the Myler 3-Ring Combination Bit with 6″ Shank and Sweet Iron Low Port Comfort Snaffle (MB 04, Level 2) has a stainless steel cheek piece and a sweet iron mouthpiece to encourage salivation. When reins are engaged, the combination bit will engage chin strap and nose band pressure before applying pressure to the slightly ported mouthpiece. Pressure is released if the horse responds, if no response the mouthpiece will slide and engage.


  • The Basics: 3-ring stainless steel cheek piece and sweet iron mouthpiece. Sweet iron will oxidize naturally over time, is harmless to horses, and its sweet taste encourages salivation.
  • Two Rein Positions: 3-Rings give two possible rein configurations to maximize your needs and your horse’s needs and keep your ride light and soft.
  • Level Up: Myler’s unique “level” system means there’s a bit for your horse no matter their training but with a focus on tongue comfort. Level 2 mouthpieces generally give a more relief on the tongue and the curved mouthpiece collapses into a “U” shape to avoid pinching of the lips and bars. Ideal for a moderately trained horse.
  • Independent Side Movement: Each side of the bit can move on it’s own meaning more control and clearer communication between you and your horse.

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Myler Bits

Myler is more than just bits; the Myler System is a whole new way of understanding how the bit works in your horse’s mouth. Ron, Dale and Bob Myler are third generation horsemen who developed a theory of tongue relief and tongue pressure through training their own horses. Their unique mouthpiece designs and innovative cheekpieces give the rider excellent communication with the horse and allow the horse to relax into the bridle.