Myler Hinged Dee Ring Bit 4.5ins Ref: 4048-8

$99.99 $65.00

Size: 4.5 ins
Diameter: 15 mm

Curved mouthpiece with a hinge in the center. The Myler Mullen Hinge mouthpiece is a good choice for the intermediate horse. With the strength of the solid Mullen mouth, this bit encourages the horse to break at the poll. The curved mouth keeps him from getting behind the bit, or inverting.

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Myler Bits

Myler is more than just bits; the Myler System is a whole new way of understanding how the bit works in your horse’s mouth. Ron, Dale and Bob Myler are third generation horsemen who developed a theory of tongue relief and tongue pressure through training their own horses. Their unique mouthpiece designs and innovative cheekpieces give the rider excellent communication with the horse and allow the horse to relax into the bridle.