M. Toulouse Platinum Jennine Close Contact Saddle 18.5ins Medium Ref: 3177-1


Make: M. Toulouse
Model:  Platinum Jennine
Type:  Close Contact
Condition:  Excellent Used Condition except knee blocks are missing.
Seat:  18.5ins
Width:  Medium
Flap Length:  15ins
Material:  Leather
Stamp:  36203
Blemishes:  Normal
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In beautiful condition, this is the Toulouse Jennine close contact saddle in brown leather.  It has an 18.5ins seat with medium width fitting.  It has the Genesis adjustable gullet system:  (explained below).  *  Please note:  the knee blocks are missing on this saddle.

The Marcel Toulouse Jennine with Genesis is a classic leather covered saddle with a more forward padded flap, deep seat and European style slightly rounded cantle.  Front and rear blocks are removable and can re-positioned based on rider preference*.  Full-grain reinforcement at bottom of flap helps guard against wear.  Marcel Toulouse Soft Touch wool flocked panels.

The innovative Genesis adjustable gullet system allows a single saddle to custom fit all your horses.  The system adjusts to virtually any saddle width needed-millimeter by millimeter.   With its integral parts constructed of case hardened steel, the Genesis is also backed by a 10-year guarantee.   Adjustments are made quickly and easily in three steps using the included hex wrench.   Simply unlock the gullet, adjust the gullet width and lock in the new width-all without taking the saddle apart.   A small, discreet leather-covered flap underneath the saddle is all you need to open to make adjustments.   Once the adjustment is made, the tree locks securely in place.