Equine Inspired Dressage Saddle (Frank Baines) Aires De Haute 18ins Wide Ref: 2491-93


Make:  Equine Inspired  / Frank Baines
Model:  Aires de Haute
Type:  Dressage Saddle
Condition:  Excellent Used Condition
Seat:  18ins
Width:  Wide (6ins)
Flap Length:                       15.5ins
Material:  Leather
Stamp:  12855325
Blemishes: Normal
Trial:  This Saddle is Eligible for a FREE 5-DAY SADDLE TRIAL.

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You will very quickly see the superb workmanship and design created in this saddle – inspired by equine biomechanical engineer, George Gullikson based here in Florida.  He has worked for years with British based Frank Baines, saddle makers, to produce a top quality, truly authentic custom saddle which beautifully and correctly fits both horse and rider, allowing maximum freedom of movement.  This gorgeous dressage saddle is gently used, – the model is Aires de Haute and it has an 18ins seat with a wide width fitting.  (Can be adjusted by Gullikson, Equine Inspired Llc).   We measured this to be 6ins wide at the front of the gullet.  Note the design of the panels to allow a free shoulder for the horse.  The leather is superb

Gullikson-Baines’dressage and jump saddles are truly custom-made for horse and rider.

“Although we can make a saddle for any breed of horse, our  specialty is in making saddles for the hard-to-fit horses such as the high-withered thoroughbred, the wide-withered Friesian and difficult to fit Baroque breeds such as Andalusians, Lusitanos, and PREs.”

Equine Inspired says that their saddles are made with the strongest gullet made today, allowing the tree to be adjusted many times without losing the plates’ integrity.  The soft Italian leather can’t be matched by any other saddlery.  They use a combination point and ‘V’ billeting system and an even longer and stronger plate is used on our saddles for the Arab, Baroque, and Friesian horses.

Small adjustable air-panels are used in the deep shoulder-hole area of the high-withered thoroughbred.

“Another issue that sets us apart from other saddleries, is that there is a large group of women that find their knees often go over the flap of their dressage saddles.  To alleviate that problem, saddleries have modified their design by adding large thigh-blocks to keep that from happening.  That ‘result’ of their line of thinking, has a tendency to force those women to activate their quadriceps;  with activation of their quads, a secondary reaction takes plate – riding off their knees.  The result of that physical compensation, often forces women to ride on top of their horses, whereas if those saddleries were to identify the ‘cause’ of that condition, they would find that thigh-blocks aren’t needed at all.


If those same saddleries were to look at each woman’s physical anomalies, they would find that there are very few women who are built the same; upper-to-lower leg length disparity, degree of their tipped pelvis, ischial contact in the seat of the saddle, which is determined by the natural amount of genetic lordosis, and their ability to undulate their core with the reflective movement of their horse.  On the other hand, we acknowledge those female rider physical disparities, and design our saddle for the ‘cause’ of that problem, allowing all women to ride in a relaxed shoulder-hip-heel position without making any physical compensations.”

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Equine Inspired / Frank Baines
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Equine Inspired / Frank Baines Aires de Haute Dressage Saddle
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