Dk Saddlery; Freedom Dressage Saddle With Flair® Adjustable Air System 16.5ins Seat, Medium Width Fitting; Ref: 3431-182

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Make:  Dk Saddlery
Model:  Freedom (with Flair System)
Type:  Dressage Saddle
Condition:  Excellent Used Condition
Seat:  16.5ins
Width Fitting:  Medium (measured 4.75ins)
Flap Length:                       15ins
Gullet Width At Waist:
Material:  Leather
 #11 08 16.5 1186
Trial:  This Saddle is Eligible for a FREE 5-DAY SADDLE TRIAL. Please ask us for details – 352.789.6544
*All measurements provided have either been taken directly from saddle stamps, or are approximate measurements taken by experienced Good Apple Equine Consignment staff.  This information is provided as a courtesy to our customers, and is not a guarantee of size or fit as each individual saddle differs from the next (including those of the same brand and model).





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A top of the line saddle that uses cutting edge research and technology to provide the greatest freedom possible for both horse and rider.

Single Flap – The single flap allows the rider greater feel and contact with the whole leg on the horse which results in the use of lighter aids, a better seat and a more subtle communication between horse and rider.

Extra-deep extreme-forward cantle – This new design supports the riders lower back and places the pelvis and femur in the correct position effortlessly. The result is the elimination of small tensions in the rider that may be blocking the horse’s movement, more effective aids and seat as well as reduced lower back pain.

Very wide gullet – The wide gullet allows the rider close contact with the horses back and eliminates any possible interference of the panels with the horses spine or dorsal ligaments. As a result the horse will be able to perform in greater comfort with increased freedom of movement.

Double V Billeting System – This newly developed billeting system relieves any pressure of the saddle on the horses tricep muscle and provides more consistent pressure along the panels and the horses back. The double V billeting system free’s the horses shoulder and allows for greater range of motion in the fore-limb while sitting more quietly on the horses back encouraging engagement of the hind quarters and lifting of the back.

​Extra wide panels – The wide panels provide a large weight bearing surface on the horses back. By distributing the weight of the rider as evenly as possible over a wide area it reduces the incidents of pressure points and allows the horses back to move more freely.

This great saddle comes with the Flair® adjustable air system. *  (See description below).

Danny Kroetch is the owner/designer and innovator of DK English and Western saddles.   He is a Master Saddle Fitter who travels widely throughout North America, Europe and Asia conducting saddle fitting clinics and giving lectures on the proper fitting of saddles.  Dan has a reputation for being able to fit the most difficult horses and his specialty lies in his ability to help those horses that are experiencing pain from their existing saddles.


Flair® is like no other saddle product on the market. It is revolutionary. Flair® is Air Flocking. Yes, the panels of your saddle are filled with air!  Flair® is a system of air bags designed to replace the flocking in all conventional saddles, new or secondhand, to provide a soft, flexible and even bearing surface without pressure points.  Fitting air bags does not require any modification to the saddle, its appearance will not change. Once fitted, Flair air bags do not need adjustment or special maintenance unless your horse changes shape. Then simple adjustment by your saddler is all that is required. Some horses develop muscle rapidly with the Flair system and have outgrown their tree size.  Flair® gives your saddle a constant flexible layer of shock absorbing air as thick as your saddle’s panel.  Flair® increases the sensitivity to aides from your lower back and seat. By removing any saddle discomfort the horse can clearly focus on your aids.

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Dk Saddlery; Freedom Dressage Saddle With Flair® Adjustable Air System 16.5ins Seat, Medium Width Fitting
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