Courbette Derby Close Contact Saddle, 16.5ins Medium Ref: 1995-1


Make: Courbette
Model:  Derby
Type:  Close Contact Saddle
Condition:  Excellent Nearly As New Condition
Seat:  16.5ins
Width:  Medium (4ins)
Flap Length:  14ins
Material:  Leather
Stamp:  895366
Blemishes:  Scratch to one sweat flap (see pic)
Fittings:  None
Trial:  Available for Trial



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Very cute little close contact  saddle, ideal for English showing classes.  No knee or thigh rolls for absolute close contact with the horse.  Nice and decent sized gullet channel for optimum horse spine clearance.  14ins length flaps.  Gullet measures 4ins at level of buttons, inside the gullet.