Cliff Barnsby Anky Bonfire Dressage Saddle, 18ins Medium Ref: 3223-1


Make: Cliff Barnsby
Model:  Anky Bonfire
Type:  Dressage Saddle
Condition:  Very Good Used Condition
Seat:  18ins
Width:  Medium
Flap Length:  17.5ins
Material:  Leather
Stamp:  S5384.99
Blemishes:  Normal
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As you would expect from Cliff Barnsby, this is a lovely dressage saddle for the discerning dressage rider.  This is the Barnsby Anky Bonfire saddle, newer models of which are now called the Evolution 3-1 since Barnsby ceased Anky Van Grunsven’s sponsorship.

Beautifully made, dressage riders particularly like the fact that the workmanship of this saddle is amazing. The area where the skirt meets the flaps is recessed and literally sculpted to make a completely flush transition. The leather is to die for… buffalo grain grippy seat, super soft deerskin padded knee rolls, and lovely smooth grain leather flaps.    This saddle has substantial knee blocks and work well to maintain a nice long leg effortlessly.  The channel is nice and wide so as not to impinge upon the horse’s spine. The Anky Bonfire  has 17.5ins long flaps that are a good fit for longer legs.