The placement of an order is final and cannot be cancelled. If a saddle is ordered under a trial, the shipping charge is non-refundable. You have the opportunity to try the saddle on your horse, if it doesn’t fit, you will be charged for return shipping.

Please understand that with all other consigned equipment and clothing – due to the pre-owned nature of our merchandise, we cannot accept returns for any reason other than that the goods are found to be faulty and the fault being present prior to shipment.  We take every care to ensure that all goods are of merchantable quality, are in safe condition, and if there are any defects which affect safety, these will be described and pointed out to you as the prospective customer.

Good Apple Equine does not accept any responsibility for events, accidents, damage, loss or otherwise of the goods once they have left our store or packing department. We strongly encourage you to view all photos and descriptions as they are a vital part of the product offering.  Pay close attention to all measurements as brand sizing can vary and view our condition rating system prior to making a purchase. If in doubt, or have any questions, please contact Georgia on 1-352-789-6544 during store hours or via email before placing an order.